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Guiding questions can help more than simple answers. What is your most troubling question?
How can I help you?

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What topics do I cover?

What topics do I cover?

My future. What’s next?

Do you keep finding yourself in a place where the same actions and behaviors are no longer serving you? This dissatisfaction can eat away at you. We must ask ourselves how long we want to continue down this path. Should you find something new? How can you find new meaning or energy from your job? Should you look for a promotion? Should you move within the business or change companies? Should you maybe even learn a new profession? This has been the biggest question in my coaching experience. Does it sound familiar?

I would like to develop further as a manager.

Often the answer is practicing a new skill, behavior, or attitude. In order to develop and grow, you need time and somebody to talk to. What worked and what didn’t? How can you avoid falling back into your old habits?

How do I find the time?

How can you ensure that there is enough of yourself to go around? You have learned time-managing skills. And still there isn’t enough time. Should you accept this as the fate of an executive? I don’t think so, but the choice is always yours.

My relationship with my colleagues.

You are not satisfied with your relationship with your manager, peer, or employee. You don’t understand your colleague’s priorities or behaviors. It seems that your colleague doesn’t want to understand or value your work and effort. Your colleague only sees their own perspective and is not interested in anything else. These are very common issues; you can only change you own thinking and behavior, nobody else’s.

I’m stuck.

Your job does not satisfy you anymore. There are too many questions to answer. Eli Goldratt described this as an attempt to keep a pool full of table tennis balls under water at the same time. Where do you even begin? The train is going full speed ahead and you can’t step off…

I’m having a hard time making a decision.

Some decisions are hard. Others are very hard. And an executive’s role is to make decisions. However, your head is a mess and the indecisiveness is killing you. There are some important decisions I would have made differently if a coach had been by my side. It would have helped me see clearly.

Am I doing the right things, and am I doing them the right way?

A lot of books have been written about the best leaders in the world. Famous leaders speak at conferences, and it seems that each of them has the key to success. You may feel that you’re not doing things the right way, and a lot of common advice doesn’t work for you or your organization. There is no right way. There is only your way. And I can help you develop that.

What is your most important issue? You may not find it above. But if you can think of it, then it belongs here. There are no wrong questions. There are no easy answers. But together, we will find the way.