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Guiding questions can help more than simple answers. What is your most troubling question?
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My way of coaching

My way of coaching?

There are a lot of different coaching methods and theories. Many of them are contradictory.

In coaching, we deal with practical things: organization, business, your work, and practicalities of life. There are things that I don’t know — we will not practice pseudo-science or anything else that can’t be understood with a practical mind.

I have managed many people from various organizations for a quarter of a century. That experience has given me my own understanding of executive leadership. From that, I have developed my own coaching principles.

Thinking is human kind’s greatest skill. As a result of time constraints, emotional distractions, and occasional laziness, we use that skill much less than we should. Coaching is your time to THINK.

We are who we are. I believe that authenticity determines whether we succeed as a leader and as a person. I will help you become the best leader that you can be. As a coach, I am who I am. We are trying embrace ourselves and not be somebody who we are not.

A relationship is the most important factor of coaching work. Studies have shown that a relationship is more important than what is done during meetings. I prioritize a sense of comfort, creating a safe space to think and reach your goals. I also expect that you make an effort toward that constructive relationship. However, not all people get along. If one of us feels that the relationship is not what was desired, this is normal — we can bring our sessions to an end at any time.