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Guiding questions can help more than simple answers. What is your most troubling question?
How can I help you?

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Email: toomas@tamsarcoaching.com

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Goal achievement. You set the goal and I’ll help you get there. If needed, I can help you set the goal. The goal of coaching can be strictly business-related, but usually it’s also related to personal development, behavior, or confidence.

What questions do my clients have for me?


I’ll help you get there

Common results of coaching are clarity in your future plans, increased confidence, healthier professional relationships, and changing compulsive thoughts and behavioral patterns based on those thoughts. All of these lead to better results at work and increased personal satisfaction. If any of these topics speak to you, contact me and let’s talk.

What you GET:

You GET someone who thinks along, helps set goals, and supports your development.

You GET clarity in your thoughts.

You GET a different perspective.

You GET a partner who will help turn your thoughts into action.

What you DON’T GET:

You DON’T GET an advisor who tells you what to do.

You DON’T GET unconditional support for your thoughts or behaviors.

You DON’T GET somebody who solves your problems.

You DON’T GET someone who resolves all employee issues.