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Guiding questions can help more than simple answers. What is your most troubling question?
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  • The First 100 Days
  • The First 100 Days

The First 100 Days

Your first steps determine your future path.

Suitable for whom?

Managers who have recently accepted a new challenge within or outside a company.

Suitable for what?

Creating clarity, planning action, increasing self-confidence.


100 Days

You are starting your new position as a manager.

You are competent. You believe in yourself. You have faced a competitive selection process.

You have been offered a new challenge. The new challenge is thrilling. It is certain to push you beyond your comfort zone.

A lot is expected from you. However:

How does your team accept you?

Who do you want them to think you are?

How long will it take you to get settled?

How fast can you start implementing change?

Oma tiimi loomine on hea põhimõte, aga kuidas seda õigust arukalt kasutada?

How can you use your power wisely?

How involved should you get?

How do you find answers to the above questions?

You can’t discuss with your new employees. It is not always smart to discuss it with the owners — even if you have a good relationship with them. And yet, the impact of the first decision is very high. There is a lot at stake.

A coach can help.

Listening, asking, discussing, thinking, reflecting. A coach understands the challenges of starting a new executive position.

Why 100 days?

In the first three months, you need to make big decisions with limited knowledge and many factors outside your control.

This program offers seven meetings with an experienced coach over a 100-day period.

Have you started or are you about to start a new job? Are you hiring a manager who needs some support?