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Guiding questions can help more than simple answers. What is your most troubling question?
How can I help you?

Tel: +372 50 45 501
Email: toomas@tamsarcoaching.com

Why I coach

Developing leaders for over 25 years…

There are GREAT MANAGERS throughout Estonia — this is the motivation that has pushed me in nearly everything I do.

I like to work with managers to think, to discuss, and to solve leadership questions. It all started when creating the Pärnu Leadership Conference in the mid-1990s. Through this, I was able to help over 500 people at a time. At one point, I realized it’s much more interesting to work one-on-one with managers on their specific challenges. Therefore, in 2013, I started coaching professionally.

I like to grow with my clients. I like to listen, to think, and to solve challenges together. Each session is a lesson for me as well.

What could be a better job than seeing how another person benefits from your support.

I believe it is important that I have experienced and seen how managers are often alone in complicated situations. I would have made many different choices and avoided many mistakes with a coach by my side. I want to help my clients, so I regularly use other coaching services myself.