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  • Personal Leadership Model
  • Personal Leadership Model

Personal Leadership Model

Know who you are.

Suitable for whom?

All experienced managers who wish to grow.

Suitable for what?

Raising awareness and putting your knowledge into practice. Increasing self-confidence. Enhancing your leadership skill set.


4–8 months.

The best managers are authentic. They use their strengths and work on their weaknesses, but always stay true to themselves. A hammer is not a tool for everyone. Neither is a brush. There are successful autocratic leaders and wonderful soft leaders.

Everyone’s childhood, school, and work experience is different. We have been formed by different people and role models. In order to be you in the best possible way, you need to understand yourself. Then accept yourself. Only after that can you create your own leadership model. In this program, we will develop your own unique leadership model based on who you are, what you value, and what experience you have.